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Sex Toys for Men

Adult male toys, also known as male pleasure devices, are innovative and exciting products designed to enhance solo or partnered sexual experiences for men. These toys are specifically crafted to provide stimulation, pleasure, and satisfaction to various erogenous zones of the male body. From realistic masturbators and prostate massagers to penis rings and vibrators, adult male toys offer a wide range of options to suit different desires and preferences. With advancements in technology, these toys incorporate features such as adjustable settings, rechargeable batteries, and ergonomic designs for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Whether used for self-exploration or shared intimacy, adult male toys can add a new dimension of pleasure and exploration to one's sexual repertoire.

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Fiery Kiss – Realistic Vibrating MasturbatorFiery Kiss – Realistic Vibrating Masturbator
Double Duty Desire - Manual MasturbatorDouble Duty Desire - Manual Masturbator
Double Duty Desire - Manual Masturbator
Sale price From $24
Bumble Buzz - Automatic Man MasturbatorBumble Buzz - Automatic Man Masturbator
Bumble Buzz - Automatic Man Masturbator
Sale price$128
Solo Skyrocket - Manual StrokerSolo Skyrocket - Manual Stroker
Solo Skyrocket - Manual Stroker
Sale price$28
Nocturnal Fantasy Whip – With Butt Plug 2 in 1Nocturnal Fantasy Whip – With Butt Plug 2 in 1
BoundDesire - Collar and Cuffs SetBoundDesire - Collar and Cuffs Set
BoundDesire - Collar and Cuffs Set
Sale price$33
DominateMate - Chastity Belt and HandcuffsDominateMate - Chastity Belt and Handcuffs
Harmonic Haven - Dual Entry Vibrating MasturbatorHarmonic Haven - Dual Entry Vibrating Masturbator
PassionLock Collar & RestraintsPassionLock Collar & Restraints
PassionLock Collar & Restraints
Sale price$36
Thrust Master 9000 - Automatic Man MasturbatorThrust Master 9000 - Automatic Man Masturbator
Gaggle Giggle – BDSM MaskGaggle Giggle – BDSM Mask
Gaggle Giggle – BDSM Mask
Sale price$21
Pleasure Pod - Manual MasturbatorPleasure Pod - Manual Masturbator
Pleasure Pod - Manual Masturbator
Sale price From $20
Revolver Relief - Manual MasturbatorRevolver Relief - Manual Masturbator
Revolver Relief - Manual Masturbator
Sale price From $20
Tri-Strike - Glans Training VibratorTri-Strike - Glans Training Vibrator
Tri-Strike - Glans Training Vibrator
Sale price$58
Pulse Wave Vibrating Cock RingPulse Wave Vibrating Cock Ring
Pulse Wave Vibrating Cock Ring
Sale price$47
Stamina Stud Perineum Cock RingStamina Stud Perineum Cock Ring
Stamina Stud Perineum Cock Ring
Sale price$48
Ruba - Automatic Man MasturbatorRuba - Automatic Man Masturbator
Ruba - Automatic Man Masturbator
Sale price$59
The Dual Pleasure - Vibrating Cock RingThe Dual Pleasure - Vibrating Cock Ring
Titan Horns Cock RingTitan Horns Cock Ring
Titan Horns Cock Ring
Sale price$14
Elite Chastity CageElite Chastity Cage
Elite Chastity Cage
Sale price From $45
The PleasurePair Penetrable Vibrating Dual Cock RingThe PleasurePair Penetrable Vibrating Dual Cock Ring
Sold outThrustWave VibratorThrustWave Vibrator
ThrustWave Vibrator
Sale price$59
The RotateThrustinator - Automatic Man MasturbatorThe RotateThrustinator - Automatic Man Masturbator
The Perfect Booty MasturbatorThe Perfect Booty Masturbator
The Perfect Booty Masturbator
Sale price$107
The Big Mac Penis SleeveThe Big Mac Penis Sleeve
The Big Mac Penis Sleeve
Sale price From $17
The Turbo Arrow - Vibrating Penis RingThe Turbo Arrow - Vibrating Penis Ring
Sold outThe Size Boost - Vibrating Penis ExtenderThe Size Boost - Vibrating Penis Extender
Pleasure Whisper - Dual Entry MasturbatorPleasure Whisper - Dual Entry Masturbator
Eros Sphere - Penis Head TrainerEros Sphere - Penis Head Trainer
Eros Sphere - Penis Head Trainer
Sale price$52
SensaSound Pleasure Tube - Vibrating StrokerSensaSound Pleasure Tube - Vibrating Stroker
The FlexiVibe Ribbed Stroker with Detachable Vibrating BeadsThe FlexiVibe Ribbed Stroker with Detachable Vibrating Beads
TwistWave - Vibrating MasturbatorTwistWave - Vibrating Masturbator
TwistWave - Vibrating Masturbator
Sale price$70
The SensaSphere Rugby Play - MasturbatorThe SensaSphere Rugby Play - Masturbator
The PumpMaster Pro - Automatic Penis Pump cum MasturbatorThe PumpMaster Pro - Automatic Penis Pump cum Masturbator
CrystalClimax - Baton PlugCrystalClimax - Baton Plug
CrystalClimax - Baton Plug
Sale price From $28
ElectroPulse - Vibrating Cock Ring with Light Electric ShockElectroPulse - Vibrating Cock Ring with Light Electric Shock
Valkyrie - Vibrating MasturbatorValkyrie - Vibrating Masturbator
Valkyrie - Vibrating Masturbator
Sale price$58
Twin Tremor - Vibrating Cock RingTwin Tremor - Vibrating Cock Ring
Twin Tremor - Vibrating Cock Ring
Sale price$51
Sold outPleasure Box - Automatic Thrusting Rotating MasturbatorPleasure Box - Automatic Thrusting Rotating Masturbator
Shock Lock - APP Control Chastity Cock CageShock Lock - APP Control Chastity Cock Cage
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