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Based on 2003 reviews
Does it job well

Purchased this for my wife, her first sex toy. The dildo is too big for her though. But the wand helps with achieving orgasm each time this is used by ramping the vibration intensity.

It was great at first but only lasted for a month

The charger was terrible, what were they thinking when they designed it. It was a ‚magnetic‘ charger, it was loose and unstable and there was no indication if the vibrator is being charged nor the battery percentage left to make me at ease. Now its barely a month and the battery is down and can’t be used anymore. Great vibration though just might not last long.

Christo Redentor

Bought it for my partner, and holy shit the magic this thing did. That little rabbit head sent her over the edge near instantly. In her words:
I thought I could just try it out, and wouldn’t have to finish. But the Lelo Vibration is insane, and it left me in a puddle of my own squirt.

Real Man Penis Sleeve

highly recommended

Performance:Good Suitability:Good Formulation:serves it's purpose Just a note the charging pod is at the bottom (hidden) , seller will provide a video if u require.

Amazing creation

With its sweet and lifelike appearance, this Japanese female human-sized doll brings a touch of elegance and cuteness to any space

convenience and simple

The easy-to-wear design ensures comfort and convenience during use, allowing you to focus on the experience rather than complicated setup

Users r satisfied w product!! impressed w the quality and fast delivery


The craftsmanship is exceptional; it's like having a real-life companion with its lovely features and customizable wardrobe options

Timely delivery. Satisfied with product. Will purchase again.

Battery charging point difficult engage

Otherwise good value for money

Detailed Realism

With its striking resemblance to the character, this human-sized doll brings the world of anime to life, making it a must-have for any fan of Zero Two

PleasurePearl - Adult Female Vibrator Sex Toys
Sooooo good.



An excellent purchase: super easy to use, wide range of vibrations

my girlfriend and I love it

The noise reduction and different modes add excitement to our intimate moments

Exquisite body feature design

The craftsmanship in bringing her girlfriend-like appeal and realistic design together makes her an exquisite collectible for those seeking top-tier quality

good experience

This vibrator not only delivers powerful vibrations but also comes in sturdy packaging, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable experience every time

sleek and Intense

This product's strong sensation and high feeling create a truly immersive and satisfying experience, perfect for those who crave intensity


Works really well


Great! I prefer this more than the type 1!

Item receive. Good quality and package really protects the surface from being scratched.

Such a fan!

Really love this. It's perfect for my needs, the sensation and vibration are very good.


Brought the orange one, which is very comfy and soft

Lifelike and alluring presence

The attention to detail in creating this doll's realistic, attractive features makes her a captivating addition to any collection

Are these comments even real?

Test test

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