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Male Masturbators

Male masturbators are sex toys designed to simulate the sensation of sexual intercourse for men. They are typically cylindrical and can be made from various materials, including silicone, TPE, and latex. Some strokers feature realistic textures and openings that mimic the sensation of a vagina or anus. In contrast, others are designed for intense stimulation with ridges, bumps, and other features. They can be used for solo play or with a partner and are great for exploring new sensations. If you're looking for a more intense and satisfying sexual experience, a male stroker might be worth trying.

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Mighty Wind- Automatic MasturbatorMighty Wind- Automatic Masturbator
Mighty Wind- Automatic Masturbator
Sale price$96
Sold outJoyride -Automatic MasturbatorJoyride -Automatic Masturbator
Joyride -Automatic Masturbator
Sale price$120
Pleasure Pathway – Manual MasturbatorPleasure Pathway – Manual Masturbator
Monroe Bombshell - Three-in-one MasturbatorMonroe Bombshell - Three-in-one Masturbator
Thunderous Thor-bolt - Automatic Man MasturbatorThunderous Thor-bolt - Automatic Man Masturbator
Bleu Blanc Bite - Automatic Man MasturbatorBleu Blanc Bite - Automatic Man Masturbator
Monochrome Sensation - Automatic Man MasturbatorMonochrome Sensation - Automatic Man Masturbator
Crystal Kiss - Automatic Man MasturbatorCrystal Kiss - Automatic Man Masturbator
Snow-pearl Passion - Automatic Man MasturbatorSnow-pearl Passion - Automatic Man Masturbator
Shadow Whisker - Automatic Man MasturbatorShadow Whisker - Automatic Man Masturbator
Sold outDarkfire Delight – Automatic Male MasturbatorDarkfire Delight – Automatic Male Masturbator
Sold outTornado Tickler – Auto Thrusting Rotating MasturbatorTornado Tickler – Auto Thrusting Rotating Masturbator
Tie & Tease – Automatic Man MasturbatorTie & Tease – Automatic Man Masturbator
Bliss Companion- Automatic Man MasturbatorBliss Companion- Automatic Man Masturbator
Sold outAlien Knight - Automatic Man MasturbatorAlien Knight - Automatic Man Masturbator
Pop Pleaser – Manual MasturbatorPop Pleaser – Manual Masturbator
Pop Pleaser – Manual Masturbator
Sale price$20
Squeeze 'n' Tease Capsule -  Manual MasturbatorSqueeze 'n' Tease Capsule -  Manual Masturbator
Squeeze 'n' Tease Capsule - Manual Masturbator
Sale price From $24
Bohemia - Manual MasturbatorBohemia - Manual Masturbator
Bohemia - Manual Masturbator
Sale price From $28
Sold outGlow Grip – Automatic Man MasturbatorGlow Grip – Automatic Man Masturbator
Sold outPoke-Pleasure Orb - Automatic Man MasturbatorPoke-Pleasure Orb - Automatic Man Masturbator
Lickety-Split Pleasure Cup - Automatic Man MasturbatorLickety-Split Pleasure Cup - Automatic Man Masturbator
Mr. B - Manual MasturbatorMr. B - Manual Masturbator
Mr. B - Manual Masturbator
Sale price$45
Fiery Kiss – Realistic Vibrating MasturbatorFiery Kiss – Realistic Vibrating Masturbator
Double Duty Desire - Manual MasturbatorDouble Duty Desire - Manual Masturbator
Double Duty Desire - Manual Masturbator
Sale price From $24
Dragon's Embrace MasturbatorsDragon's Embrace Masturbators
Dragon's Embrace Masturbators
Sale price From $38
Sold outBumble Buzz - Automatic Man MasturbatorBumble Buzz - Automatic Man Masturbator
Solo Skyrocket - Manual StrokerSolo Skyrocket - Manual Stroker
Solo Skyrocket - Manual Stroker
Sale price$28
Sold outHarmonic Haven - Dual Entry Vibrating MasturbatorHarmonic Haven - Dual Entry Vibrating Masturbator
Thrust Master 9000 - Automatic Man MasturbatorThrust Master 9000 - Automatic Man Masturbator
Pleasure Pod - Manual MasturbatorPleasure Pod - Manual Masturbator
Pleasure Pod - Manual Masturbator
Sale price From $20
Sold outRevolver Relief - Manual MasturbatorRevolver Relief - Manual Masturbator
Revolver Relief - Manual Masturbator
Sale price From $20
Sold outRuba - Automatic Man MasturbatorRuba - Automatic Man Masturbator
Ruba - Automatic Man Masturbator
Sale price$59
The RotateThrustinator - Automatic Man MasturbatorThe RotateThrustinator - Automatic Man Masturbator
Sold outThe Perfect Booty MasturbatorThe Perfect Booty Masturbator
The Perfect Booty Masturbator
Sale price$107
Pleasure Whisper - Dual Entry MasturbatorPleasure Whisper - Dual Entry Masturbator
SensaSound Pleasure Tube - Vibrating StrokerSensaSound Pleasure Tube - Vibrating Stroker
The FlexiVibe Ribbed Stroker with Detachable Vibrating BeadsThe FlexiVibe Ribbed Stroker with Detachable Vibrating Beads
TwistWave - Vibrating MasturbatorTwistWave - Vibrating Masturbator
TwistWave - Vibrating Masturbator
Sale price$70
The SensaSphere Rugby Play - MasturbatorThe SensaSphere Rugby Play - Masturbator
Sold outValkyrie - Vibrating MasturbatorValkyrie - Vibrating Masturbator
Valkyrie - Vibrating Masturbator
Sale price$58
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