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Sex Toys for Women

Discover pleasure like never before with our collection of female adult toys. Indulge in luxurious vibrators, and enhance your desires with our seductive suction toys. At Frisky Business, we believe in empowering your sexuality and providing unforgettable experiences. Unleash your passion today and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Our carefully curated selection is designed to satisfy your deepest cravings, ensuring that you can explore your desires with confidence. With Frisky Business, pleasure knows no bounds. Elevate your intimate moments and redefine pleasure on your terms.

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Heartbeat Whispers – Wearable VibratorHeartbeat Whispers – Wearable Vibrator
Hot Kiss Duo – Dual Ended VibratorHot Kiss Duo – Dual Ended Vibrator
Hot Kiss Duo – Dual Ended Vibrator
Sale price$56
Hush Hue - Lipstick-Sized VibratorHush Hue - Lipstick-Sized Vibrator
Hush Hue - Lipstick-Sized Vibrator
Sale price$29
Love Rocket – G Spot VibratorLove Rocket – G Spot Vibrator
Love Rocket – G Spot Vibrator
Sale price$57
Metallic Moan – Metal Butt PlugMetallic Moan – Metal Butt Plug
Metallic Moan – Metal Butt Plug
Sale price From $26
Fiery Foliage – Wearable Bullet VibratorFiery Foliage – Wearable Bullet Vibrator
Sold outMagic Mini – Mini Sex MachineMagic Mini – Mini Sex Machine
Magic Mini – Mini Sex Machine
Sale price$60
Fanny Filler-Hollow Twisting Butt PlugFanny Filler-Hollow Twisting Butt Plug
Fanny Filler-Hollow Twisting Butt Plug
Sale price From $28
Pleasure Pouch - Wearable VibratorPleasure Pouch - Wearable Vibrator
Pleasure Pouch - Wearable Vibrator
Sale price$74
Sky blush Swirl – Wearable VibratorSky blush Swirl – Wearable Vibrator
Forest Frolic - G Spot VibratorForest Frolic - G Spot Vibrator
Forest Frolic - G Spot Vibrator
Sale price$68
Hum & Spin – BDSM Vibrating PinwheelsHum & Spin – BDSM Vibrating Pinwheels
MVP Moaner – Realistic Dildo VibratorMVP Moaner – Realistic Dildo Vibrator
G-C-A Symphony – Triple Stimulation VibratorG-C-A Symphony – Triple Stimulation Vibrator
Booty Boomer - Mini Wearable Anal PlugBooty Boomer - Mini Wearable Anal Plug
Heat Wave – Beaded Vibrating Anal PlugHeat Wave – Beaded Vibrating Anal Plug
BDSM Collar & LeashBDSM Collar & Leash
BDSM Collar & Leash
Sale price From $16
Sold outJoy Jive – Dual VibratorJoy Jive – Dual Vibrator
Joy Jive – Dual Vibrator
Sale price$66
Encounter Love- Wearable VibratorEncounter Love- Wearable Vibrator
Encounter Love- Wearable Vibrator
Sale price$56
Fiery Fandango – Triple Stimulation VibratorFiery Fandango – Triple Stimulation Vibrator
Jolly Cactus – Thrusting & Vibrating Dual VibratorJolly Cactus – Thrusting & Vibrating Dual Vibrator
Flexi Fawn – Dual Stimulation G Spot VibratorFlexi Fawn – Dual Stimulation G Spot Vibrator
Lick Lover - Clitoral Licking Tongue VibratorLick Lover - Clitoral Licking Tongue Vibrator
Emerald Euphoria – Wearable VibratorEmerald Euphoria – Wearable Vibrator
Berry Blossom – Mini VibratorBerry Blossom – Mini Vibrator
Berry Blossom – Mini Vibrator
Sale price$36
Tiffany's Tendrils - Wearable Egg VibratorTiffany's Tendrils - Wearable Egg Vibrator
Tiffany's Tryst Egg - Egg VibratorTiffany's Tryst Egg - Egg Vibrator
Tiffany's Tryst Egg - Egg Vibrator
Sale price$54
Black Magic - Female Bondage Chest HarnessBlack Magic - Female Bondage Chest Harness
Tiffany’s Twinkle Wand – Mini Wand VibratorTiffany’s Twinkle Wand – Mini Wand Vibrator
Tiffany’s Twirl 'n' Tremor - Dual Action StimulatorTiffany’s Twirl 'n' Tremor - Dual Action Stimulator
Tiffany’s Triple Treat - Mini VibratorTiffany’s Triple Treat - Mini Vibrator
Tiffany’s Buzzy Beats - Dual VibratorTiffany’s Buzzy Beats - Dual Vibrator
Tiffany’s Bubbly Embrace - Clitoral StimulatorTiffany’s Bubbly Embrace - Clitoral Stimulator
Sold outTiffany’s Tingle Tip - Orgasm PenTiffany’s Tingle Tip - Orgasm Pen
Tiffany’s Gemini - Dual VibratorTiffany’s Gemini - Dual Vibrator
Tiffany’s Gemini - Dual Vibrator
Sale price$99
Knockout Nudger – Dual Stimulation Suction & Tapping VibratorKnockout Nudger – Dual Stimulation Suction & Tapping Vibrator
Devil's Kiss – Dual Stimulation Suction VibratorDevil's Kiss – Dual Stimulation Suction Vibrator
Devil’s Dare - Egg VibratorDevil’s Dare - Egg Vibrator
Devil’s Dare - Egg Vibrator
Sale price$66
Bowl-Me-Over – Wand Vibrator with SuctionBowl-Me-Over – Wand Vibrator with Suction
Finger Flicker – Dual VibratorFinger Flicker – Dual Vibrator
Finger Flicker – Dual Vibrator
Sale price$39
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