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Article: Could Sex Dolls Benefit Society?

Could Sex Dolls Benefit Society? - FRISKY BUSINESS SG

Could Sex Dolls Benefit Society?

The subject of sex dolls has elicited a wide range of reactions. Based on our reading of "The Moral Case for Sexbots," a study article released in 2020 by Marc Behrendt, we will investigate the ethical stance on the usage of sex dolls and the possible benefits they may give in this essay.

Misguided Objections to Sex Dolls

The link between political and ideological convictions and underlying moral standards is frequently strong. In general, the resistance to sex dolls is motivated by two essential moral ideals regarded as decisive and central to the discussion.

  • A mix of collectivism and humanism: In most cases, the concept that the communal good surpasses individual freedom is valued.
  • Following stringent Kantian-inspired ethics: A moral code should be followed at all costs, regardless of exceptional circumstances.

Of course, each ethical and moral framework has its own advantages, worldviews, and viewpoints on how we should act. However, determining which system is the most complete, fair, and appropriate to all individuals, cultures, and situations is impossible. We have no means of knowing what will happen in a real-life situation.

Opposition to sex dolls is frequently based on rigid beliefs that reject individual freedom. In truth, those who profess to be "progressive" and "tolerant" and seek "diversity" and "equity" are discriminating against sex doll users and equitable sexual chances for all. Most importantly, these people lack empathy, which is today considered a critical component of ethical debates.

The Diversity of Sex Dolls

Feminist opponents of sex dolls may completely support their value system and feel they are valid from an ideological standpoint. However, how these arguments are presented offers little space for negotiation. Furthermore, they frequently overlook the issue of sexual deprivation and loneliness, which affects both men and women. Rather than the well-being of individual individuals, their primary focus is on prominent, abstract conceptions of humanity and how it should or should not be.

According to many feminists, sex dolls objectify women. However, it is essential to remember that sex dolls do not have to be solely female-modeled. Male and gender-neutral dolls are also available, appealing to a broader spectrum of people and tastes. Furthermore, sex dolls may be used for various purposes, such as companionship, therapy, and education.

The Benefits of Sex Dolls

One possible advantage of sex dolls is that they might provide a safe outlet for persons with unusual sexual interests or who are unable to develop relationships. In society, people may feel stigmatized or ostracized, and they gain approval and affirmation through the usage of sex dolls. They may also be open about their sexuality without fearing rejection or judgment.

Another benefit of sex dolls is that they are a safe choice for those who have unconventional wants or who find it difficult to build traditional romantic connections. Sex dolls provide individuals with a sense of approval and acceptance. Furthermore, sex dolls allow children to express their sexuality without worrying about being rejected or judged.

Furthermore, sex dolls may be utilized as a kind of companionship for lonely persons, those with mental health issues, or those who struggle to create connections. They provide emotional support and links to persons who would otherwise feel isolated.


Although sex dolls are divisive, it is critical to consider their possible benefits for those with atypical wants or limitations. Most sex doll complaints are based on baseless worries based on facts and statistics and (ii) solid political and ideological convictions.

Sex dolls are a safe method for people to express their sexuality and may be used for education, therapy, and companionship. It is critical to approach this topic with an open mind and explore the possible benefits that sex dolls may provide for different individuals and groups.

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