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Article: Proper Way to Dry A Sex Doll After Wash

Proper Way to Dry A Sex Doll After Wash - FRISKY BUSINESS SG

Proper Way to Dry A Sex Doll After Wash

Your sex doll's lifespan can be increased and kept in good condition with the proper maintenance and care. To avoid damage or deterioration, it's crucial to completely dry your doll after washing it. Here are some methods for quickly and effectively drying your sex doll.
Make sure your love doll is clean and free of any potential health risks before cuddling with it.

Here are some steps to take before cuddling your love doll:

1. Clean the surface:

With a mild soap and water mixture, thoroughly clean the doll's surface, paying close attention to any areas that may have come into contact with bodily fluids or other potentially harmful substances. After cleaning, pat the doll dry with a fresh, dry towel. To prevent being oiled soon, sprinkle baby powder on the surface.

2. Disinfect the interior:

To avoid the growth of bacteria or other harmful microorganisms, it is crucial to clean the interior of your love doll if you have used it for sexual purposes. To clean the interior, use an antibacterial solution or disinfectant wipes, being sure to get into all cracks and seams. We do not advise doll players to clean the holes with high-pressure pumps, as this could harm the interior. You only need antibacterial wipes, and you don't have to worry about leftover pieces of paper.
If residual water is inside the hole after using the cleaning pump, you can use the water-absorption rod to dry it. To effectively remove any water that may have entered the mouth or vagina of your love doll, you can use a drying stick. Insert the stick into the mouth to absorb any excess water. Place the doll upright and insert the stick into the vagina for better absorption.

3. Check for any damage:

Before cuddling your love doll, look for any signs of deterioration or damage, such as tears, cracks, or loose joints. Address any problems you find right away to limit further harm.

4. Dress appropriately:

If you intend to hold your love doll while dressed, ensure your clothing is clean, appropriate and won't scratch the doll's surface. Wearing anything with protruding buttons or sharp edges should be avoided.

5. Be gentle:

Handle your love doll delicately when cuddling it; rough handling can harm the surface and internal structure. To prevent stress on joints and seams, support the doll's limbs and torso when you move it.

Following these instructions, you can help ensure your love doll is tidy, secure, and prepared for cuddling.

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