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Womanizer ialah jenama terkenal yang telah merevolusikan dunia keseronokan intim. Dengan reka bentuk yang inovatif dan teknologi canggihnya, Womanizer telah menjadi sinonim dengan pemerkasaan dan penerokaan seksual. Diiktiraf di peringkat global kerana komitmennya untuk menyampaikan pengalaman yang luar biasa, jenama ini menawarkan rangkaian produk premium yang direka khusus untuk keseronokan wanita. Menggabungkan estetika elegan dengan fungsi berkuasa, peranti Womanizer menggunakan teknologi denyutan udara untuk memberikan sensasi yang sengit dan memuaskan. Dengan tumpuan pada keterangkuman, budi bicara dan ciri mesra pengguna, Womanizer terus menolak sempadan dan mentakrifkan semula landskap keseronokan intim, memperkasakan individu untuk menerima keinginan mereka dan meraikan seksualiti mereka.

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Simpan $28Womanizer Liberty - Powder Blue - FRISKY BUSINESS SGWomanizer Liberty - Powder Blue - FRISKY BUSINESS SG
Womanizer Liberty - Serbuk Biru
Harga jualan$112 Harga biasa$140
Simpan $28Womanizer Liberty - Lilac - FRISKY BUSINESS SGWomanizer Liberty - Lilac - FRISKY BUSINESS SG
Womanizer Liberty - Lilac
Harga jualan$112 Harga biasa$140
Simpan $22Womanizer Starlet 3 - Violet - FRISKY BUSINESS SGWomanizer Starlet 3 - Violet - FRISKY BUSINESS SG
Womanizer Starlet 3 - Violet
Harga jualan$88 Harga biasa$110
Simpan $56Womanizer Premium 2 - Black - FRISKY BUSINESS SGWomanizer Premium 2 - Black - FRISKY BUSINESS SG
Womanizer Premium 2 - Hitam
Harga jualan$224 Harga biasa$280
Simpan $22Womanizer Starlet 3 - Turqoise - FRISKY BUSINESS SGWomanizer Starlet 3 - Turqoise - FRISKY BUSINESS SG
Womanizer Starlet 3 - Turqoise
Harga jualan$88 Harga biasa$110
Simpan $62Womanizer Duo 2 - Bordeaux - FRISKY BUSINESS SGWomanizer Duo 2 - Bordeaux - FRISKY BUSINESS SG
Womanizer Duo 2 - Bordeaux
Harga jualan$248 Harga biasa$310

Womanizer FAQ

What are Sex Toys

Treat yourself to Womanizer’s selection of the best sex toys for women! At Womanizer, orgasms are our business – that’s why we developed Pleasure Air Technology in all our clitoris sucking stimulator toys. The Womanizer brand offers a wide range of suction clit toys with a variety of features and intensity levels. Find your perfect match to hit all the right spots. Learn how to find the best sex toys for you. Simply said, sex toys are adult pleasure devices made to arouse, stimulate and enhance sexual experiences. You can enjoy sex toys in foreplay, masturbation and to create powerful orgasms. At Womanizer, we focus on designing the best toys for clit stimulation. Why? Because clitoral stimulation leads to powerful orgasms! Each Womanizer toy features Pleasure Air Technology – pulsating and massaging changes in air pressure that never come in direct contact with the clitoris. This means no numbness or over stimulation. Our clit stimulator toys are sure to give you a new kind of extraordinary orgasm.

How to find the best sex toys for you?

Quality materials: All Womanizer toys are made from body safe, hygienic silicone made without phthalates, BPA or latex. The Womanizer Premium Eco is made from a bio-based material, Biolene, also body safe. Smooth and silky to the touch, they are easy to clean simply with toy cleaner or soap and water. The non-porous material won’t trap any bacteria inside, making Womanizer clitoris sucking stimulators perfect for intimate play. Rechargeable: Womanizer toys use magnetic pins for an easy, quick and convenient recharge. Easy to use: Womanizer clitoris sucking stimulators all use simple buttons for seamless use and control. Easily choose from different intensity levels to fit your mood. Your next orgasm is just a push of a button away! Power and design: Womanizer sex toys offer powerful pleasure in the palm of your hand. Each toy is designed with pampering you in mind – from ergonomic and flexible arms to a range of intensity levels sure to please the most advanced desires. Enjoy features like Smart Silence for discreet play while Afterglow promises a relaxing finish.

How to use Womanizer sex toys?

How to use Womanizer Sex Toys Each Womanizer is unique and comes with a 'get started guide' in the box. Read the instructions to get an overview of each clitoris sucking stimulator’s special features. In general, begin by pressing the on button and make sure your toy is in contact with your skin. Begin with the lowest setting and explore the different intensity levels.

How to clean your Womanizer sex toys?

Womanizer toys are easy to clean with toy cleaner or soap and water. Wash your toy after every use and then either air dry or wipe with a lint free towel. Since Womanizer toys are non-porous and don’t absorb harmful bacteria, you can safely use with a partner. After washing and drying, simply store your toy away until your next pleasure session.

Reasons to shop Womanizer sex toys?

At Womanizer, you can choose your own adventure in pleasure. From the beginner friendly Womanizer Starlet 3, to Womanizer Premium 2 – these are the best toys for clit stimulation and powerful orgasms. For those wanting double the stimulation, look no further than the Womanizer Duo 2 for dual sensations to pamper both the clitoris and the g-spot. If you desire a journey to new levels of ecstasy, the Womanizer OG is the first of its kind to offer Pleasure Air for the g-spot. With so many clitoris sucking stimulators to choose from, we know you’ll find your perfect match.

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