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Article: Mechanical Robot Sex Doll

Mechanical Robot Sex Doll - FRISKY BUSINESS SG

Mechanical Robot Sex Doll

What comes to mind when we talk about robots? Science, high technology, and service to humanity. Robots already build our cars, clean our homes and prepare our food, all of which affect every aspect of our lives. Is there a robot that can accompany us and satisfy our private sexual fun? The answer is yes. A robot sex doll is essentially a lifelike sex doll that has various features that are designed to create a feeling of warmth. These include built-in heaters that can create a feeling of warmth and sensors that can respond to touch.

With the rise of the sex doll industry, robot sex dolls are a new trend, manufacturers are offering lifelike, automatic moving sex dolls in the market that can bring us a new, authentic sex experience and fulfill our fantasies.

The rapid pace of technological change in the past few years has shown how quickly industries and the world can change. In 2022, sex dolls were in the midst of a fascinating new era in the world. Physical and emotional intimacy is needed for us to feel relaxed and at ease. That's the reason why we've to provide better services and products to our customers and more input on what they wanted and needed. Irontech Doll wants to push the envelope with new technologies that made it easier for customers to interact with their beloved sex dolls.

Day after day, we put everything we have into our products. All our new skills, experience, and technology. As our slogan says it all: Beauty Inspired Creation. We're back between true beauty and what we do. To make this happen, we learn, innovate and research new techniques every day.

Finally, we released mechanical robot sex dolls with multi-function. Your doll is no longer motionless!

Function for TPE Sex Dolls Only

Automatic Body Movement

With 3 different frequencies of the automatic body forward and backward movements, allowing you to experience the ultimate sexual experience. Please enjoy the imitation of real movements that your beloved sex doll brings you!

Electric Hip and Waist

When you turned on the power, she will twist her hips and waist like a real human. The wireless remote control can be easily adjusted the speed according to your personal preference. Explore your body secret with your love dolls together, she won't let you down.


1. After the robot is powered on, use the remote control to adjust to the desired speed according to individual needs. Then the robot will run on its own.

〔A〕Bottom Speed
〔B〕Medium Speed
〔C〕High Speed

2. The Automatic Body Movement Function and Electric Hip And Waist Function are controlled by 〔A〕, 〔B〕, 〔C〕, and 〔D〕. Adjust the speed according to your own usage habits, and the remote control can be used universally.


1. When the Automatic body movement robot sex doll moves with the waist, the hands are pressed on the hip joint to raise the legs to prevent the motor from turning the legs and being unable to lift the legs.

2. The socket plugs of the sex doll should be protected from water. It's recommended to cover them with a waterproof material when it's time to clean them.

3. Pay attention to standard use, such as: do not lie down and then let the doll sit on yourself, the doll is too heavy to avoid crushing yourself.

4. After using the robot sex doll, it's important to return to the 〔D〕 to stop its operation. Also, make sure to remove the power supply to prevent it from getting powered on constantly.

5. Before the robot sex doll starts working, it's important to stabilize it. So the doll won't get rolled over due to its too much power.

6. Automatic Body Movement & Electric Hip and Waist Functions: TPE 150cm, 153cm, 154cm, 154cm Plus, 155cm, 157cm, 160cm Minus, and 166cm are not available.

Function for TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls

Vagina Automatic Clamp & Suck

Can your love doll give you incredibly intense sexual pleasure? Hell yes! The automatic vaginal clip and suck function will blow up your mind. Heating, vibrating, and moaning functions are available. You are going to love this authentic experience.

< Silicone Sex Doll >

< TPE Sex Doll >


1. To start and stop the sex doll, long press the switch button.

2. You can also plug in headphones to prevent the sound from being played out.

3. The charging port refers to if it is out of power, you can use the mobile phone data cable to charge.

4. Groaning, Clamp & Suck, vibrating, and vagina heating functions are both controlled by a switch button. These functions will be started and turned off at the same time.

  • 4.1 Silicone Sex Dolls have Clamp & Suck function only. Groaning, Vibrating, and Heating functions are not available.

5. The Clamp & suck function has 3 different strength speeds.

  • 5.1 When the switch is turned on, the first speed is settled by default.
  • 5.2 Press twice to the second speed.
  • 5.3 Press three times to the third speed.
  • 5.4 Press four times to return to the first speed.
  • 5.5 Silicone Sex Dolls Clamp & Suck function has 7-strength speeds. Press once to change to the next speed.


1. The moaning box should be protected from water, please pay attention when you clean the doll.

2. Be careful not to use the moaning box while charging.

3. When the clamp & suck function is working, do not put hard things in it, such as wooden sticks, iron sticks, etc., to avoid damage.

4. Vagina Clamp & Suck Function: Not available for TPE mini sex dolls and silicone sex doll bodies of 100cm, 148cm, 162cm, 166cm Minus, and 166cm.

In Conclusion

Sex dolls are important partners, especially for us, doll lovers. And most of us would like to have one in our lives. The concept of companionship is the central theme of these love dolls, and robot sex dolls are capable of fulfilling this need in a perfect way. If we are honest, it would be very hard for a real human partner to provide us with the kind of companionship that a sex robot would provide. In order to provide more happiness and satisfaction to our customers, Irontech Doll will live up to our original intention, step by step, and continually improve and upgrade our products.

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