Articulated Hand Exclusive To WMDOLL

The most recent design uses the most simulation technology!

Ball Jointed Hand Skeleton for Dolls

This is the industry’s first ball-jointed hand skeleton for dolls which realistically restores the human finger shape. Each finger joint is equipped with a soft rebound spring, which allows the user to position the finger to any shape, promoting an improved tactile experience.

A damping structure is set inside the joints connecting each phalanx, simulating the actual movement of the finger joints. It also solves the joint breakage problem, reducing wear and extending its service life.

Spherical Structure Improves Simulation

The finger joint is connected by a spherical structure. The spring tension supports the close combination of the ball head and the spherical groove to provide appropriate friction resistance; the corresponding joint can not only maintain the posture but can also be easily twisted, allowing for the joint's multi-directional rotation.

Damping Structure Effectively Extends Service Life

A dampening mechanism is installed inside the joints connecting each phalanx, simulating joint finger movement. It also eliminates joint breakage and lowers wear, increasing its service life.

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