Emma - Multi-Pronged Stimulator

Introduce Your G-Spot & Clit to multi-pronged stimulation simultaneously with thumping, vibrating, suction and flicking tongue!

Have intense blended O’s with thumping G-Spot shaft + Vibrating A-spot tip + clit flicker and sucker!

Introduce your sweet spots to intense new ohh-mazing sensations! Emma’s G-Spot Thumper with a clit flicker and sonic wave sucker target both your G-Spot and clit for full-body pleasure. Its “Big Finger” shaft sends powerful thumping pulsation and vibration (At the tip) directly to your G-Spot and A-spot that is located about 5cm deeper. Meanwhile a series of fast flicking tongue, sonic wave oral sex suction and smooth silicone create a massaging motion your clitoris will love! Explore 10 functions of vibration, 5 modes thumping and 5 modes flicking tongue - total pleasure – all in one steamy rechargeable toy.

The Emma Thumper + Oral Love + Flicking Tongue + Vibrator has a lengthy name because it does a lot of things:

  • Flexible: The shaft bends at the neck so she becomes a C-shaped vibrator.
  • Sucking + Flicking tongue: The suction on one end has pleasure wave technology to suck your clitoris. Coupled with a flicking tongue in the nozzle, your clitoris will surely be thoroughly pampered
  • G-spot: The girthy, big finger end arches slightly and vibrates strongly for G-spot stimulation.
  • Tapping: There’s a little oval-shaped area on the G-spot shaft that drums wildly in a tapping motion. This can be used against your G-spot or your clitoris.

There’s a lot going on here!

WHAT IS PLEASURE WAVE TECHNOLOGY? Pleasure wave technology provides touchless clitoral stimulation, which makes your clitoris feel like it’s being sucked by air. This sexy tech was invented around 2016, and since then the technology spread across the industry like wildfire. You’ll be skeptical at first, and the technology is pretty bizarre, but it can be extremely effective if done well.

In the image above is The Emma Thumper + Oral Love + Flicking Tongue + Vibrator in its C-shaped form. It’s quite easy to bend it into shape. The neck of the shaft is  flexible, so if you want to use it as a C-shaped dual stimulator, the nozzle can be adjusted to nestle against your clitoris.

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